OO and Functional programming, already?

OK, so we’d just been introduced to the JavaScript language.  Time to do a little programming to get settled in, right?  Wrong!  Time to layer on object oriented programming and functional programming!  Just reading the title of the section, it seemed to be a bit rushed.

But this section only scratches the surface.  We’re not really learning object oriented programming, we’re just learning how to declare objects.  And we’re not so much learning functional programming as we’re learning about JavaScript’s higher order functions.

With that in mind, this section was a bit light-weight.  Granted, there is a lot to digest here, and from what I can tell by looking at the next section (Basic Algorithm Scripting) this is really just some prep work for that section.  Take your time, and make sure you at least understand how things work.

For me, getting the sort() function down was a bit of a challenge.  I needed to look up some external documentation to really get it down.  But other than that, just running through the exercises and getting them to work was sufficient.

Here’s the list of higher-order functions covered in this section:

  • map()
  • reduce()
  • filter()
  • sort()
  • reverse()
  • concat()
  • split()
  • join()

FreeCodeCamp section: Object Oriented and Functional Programming
Time estimate: 2h
Actual time: 30m
Waypoints covered: 13


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