I have returned…

Today I jumped back on the “learn web programming” bandwagon, leaving behind a few months of design work on a consumer storage project that is waiting for engineering feedback from the injection molding company I’m working with.  I’m trying to keep all of my eggs in different baskets, and while that egg is incubating, I’m moving back to software development.

One of the things I’ve missed in my forays into self-learning is collaboration with other people.  I’ve tried to address that by setting up a collaboration of sorts with my old friend Dan, who is also trying to kick-start his software development career.  We’ve decided to work together on some projects, and in the process, help each other move forward faster.

We are in the process of defining a web application, and selecting the technologies we’re going to use to build this application.  I spent much of today watching videos about NoSQL databases (to get a better handle on what that term means), reviewing PaaS offerings (as we need a place to host our app), and diving back into learning – which for me, at the moment, means working on FreeCodeCamp.

I’ll post progress as we make it, and list some of the key learnings as we learn them.  For the moment, know that we’ll be using the Cloud9 ide, OpenShift, and a node.js backend…at least that’s the current thinking.

Much more to come.  And now that I’m back, it should come much more frequently.